Custom branded links – What are they? & why do you need them?

Written by Ali Mebkhouta

9 min read

June 7, 2020

Have you ever had to share a long link from your website?

Did you try shortening it using generic link shorteners so you end up sacrificing your identity and your domain name?

Before we begin let’s ask a question. Which one of these following links looks better?

A really long ugly link?


A generic short link?

Or a Branded Link?

Without any hesitation, we can say that the third link looks better than the others, but why exactly is that? Not only is that the third link is shorter, and that’s a key point in Branded URLs, but also, it looks familiar and recognizable. One could easily know what’s it about and click it without any fear of malicious content.

Custom Branded Links

Branded links also mean that you have the power to put your brand in any link you want. That means sharing links without losing your identity.

In the following article, we will discuss what are the Custom Branded Links and why you should get yours right away.

What Are The Custom Branded URLs?

The Custom Branded Link is a shortened link that has been branded by your own brand name or any related keywords. Using that helps connect the links and the content you share with your brand and helps promote it.

For example, check out the Custom Branded Links shown in the tweets of the following two famous brands. As you noticed, there’s a connection between the brands and their links, which helps the latter be more recognizable and relevant.

Chevrolet brand for example uses :

Chevrolet Tweet including a custom branded link

Lexus also uses branded links like :

Lexus facebook post using a branded link

Or The Economist newspaper’s branded link :

The Economist twitter account description with a custom branded link in use

Why Do You Need To Use Branded Links?

1. Easy Data Collection:

Data collection is an important process in every marketing campaign, it gives you insight into your audience and help you understand and target them better throughout their buyers’ journeys. Short URLs, whether they are generic or branded, enable you to add UTM parameters to track and collect data from them easily. And you can do that without having to deal with the long ugly UTM text snippets showing in your final links.

The types of data collected can vary to include many kinds, like the number of clicks, for example, their locations, or their devices. These data obtained from tracking your branded links are quite essential for marketing purposes, they help you classify your audience into specific categories and set up the right campaigns for your brand. So always take into consideration branding and shortening your links to help keep an eye on your audience.

2. Help Increase Your Brand Awareness:

(“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.”

– Lisa Gansky American entrepreneur and author

If you had to click on one of the two previous links which one would you choose? is it A or B.

Odds that you chose to click the A link, but why? The main reason you choose the first link because it’s associated with a well-known brand which is “Facebook”, in this case. You see as a user, you are aware of that brand and just by seeing it, you were instantly able to recognize it and had an idea about what the link is about. Also, by integrating the brand in the short link it made the latter more aesthetic and honest, rather than the ugly generic short.

Attributing your brand into your links by using branded links has proven to be very effective and helpful in defining your brand and making it more recognizable to your audience, besides developing the Brand Awareness through what is known as “The Cumulative Effect”, that is when your audience becomes more exposed to your brand they will become familiar with it, which also serves in making your brand more trustworthy to them. Besides that, using Branded Links also increases your brand’s popularity and results in getting more clicks by nearly 34% more than normal generic links.

3. Help Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engines are not that different from your audience, and if your audience prefers short custom pretty URLs, then so do the search engines. Branding your links is definitely one of the best practices to help your page rank higher in search engines and thus getting more audience engagement with your links.

Custom Branded Links Can Improve SEO

Branded URLs that are consistent with your page title and your main keywords tend to help the pages to rank higher because they’re specific and related to the only few focus keywords which you wanna rank for. Besides that, using a custom branded URL for your Backlinks and Internal links also helps to raise your domain authority and recognition by the search engines which results in helping your SEO status.

So as a best practice always make sure that you brand your links with your specific keywords to increase the likability of search engines identifying your pages.

Using xAmber In Branding You Links:

Our platform “xAmber” is one of the best starting companies in the field of link management. We offer the best way to control, brand your shareable content, and make your new generated digital assets more engaging, targeted, and analyzable, without losing the fun of sharing it.

xAmber provides many outstanding services including a one free custom domain set up which you can upgrade by purchasing one of the offers. To set up your custom branded domain name on xAmber, click on the Custom Domains from your dashboard’s sidebar which will take you to the Custom Domains set up section.

-Click on “Add a custom domain here”.

Adding a custom domain to brand your links using xAmber

After that enter your preferred domain name the one which you gonna brand your links with and set it as a default domain.

Typing your domain name to brand links using xAmber

From the sidebar click on Create and enter your URL then click on “Amber It” to shorten and brand it with your default domain.

Branding your links with your custom domain name by xAmber

Wrap up

So in conclusion, we can say that the Branded Links are just short links including your brand or any related words as a custom domain. Not only they increase your brand awareness and make it more recognizable and familiar with your audience, but they also help in gathering the right data about them, and enhancing your page’s performance in Search Engines, and help to you to get more clicks.

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