How to Increase Your CTR Using Branded Links

Written by Ali Mebkhouta

9 min read

August 16, 2020

When you do a quick search on the internet, you will find that a lot of blog posts and videos are talking about the Click Through Rate and how to increase it. Many articles will suggest many marketing strategies like creating the urgency for your audience to click, or rewarding them for the clicks, and so on.But when looking at the main element (Links) that your audience has to click we see that not many blog posts are tackling the topic of improving the links to get more CTR. In this article, we will discuss how can you increase your CTR using branded links.

What Does Click-Through Rate (CTR) Mean?

As the name suggests, Click Through Rate aka CTR is the ratio or percentage between the number of views and the number of clicks, that is, if your content or ads were viewed by 100 users but only 5 people clicked, your CTR will be 5%.

You may also ask what’s a good CTR. Well, the answer is that perfect CTR also differs from a platform to another, and from a campaign to another. However, the main point we all agree on is that you should always optimize your content to maintain a good CTR because you might have the best content in the world but if no one is clicking on it then it is bad for the business.

You can check this detailed article that discusses The good Click-Through Rate.

How To Improve Your CTR Using Links:

Links are very important when it comes to increasing your Click Through Rate. By optimizing your links components, you can help improve the number of clicks you get and get the best out of your links.

You may ask, what are the techniques your can use to increase your CTR using Branded Links?

1. Make your links as short as possible:

This goes without saying, always consider shortening your links. Spare your audience the effort of looking at the long links directly from your website, the long links that will sometimes cause you some trouble when used in a website like twitter which has a strict character limit. Your audience probably won’t bother clicking on the long links, and will probably lose interest in the content.

Difference Between long and short link

So always make sure you shorten your links and make them as short as possible.

PS: Did you know that here in xAmber we have the shortest generic links ever? Just 4 characters plus the slug, it’s just ” “, simple and easy to remember, isn’t it?

2. Brand Your Links:

The second thing you have to do is to include your Brand name or any related words in your shortened links.

You don’t want your audience to see the ugly generic short links too because many spammers use them too much these days, which resulted in losing trust in those links, so most users won’t even bother clicking at them, thus your CTR will be very low. Always make sure your brand your short links. This practice will help you gain your audience trust, as they will know what are the links about and they will end up clicking and remembering them rather than just ignoring them.

Branded Links to Increase CTR

Branded links also increase your brand awareness and familiarity, your audience will be more exposed to your brand and more aware of it, so your brand will become more recognizable and familiar to them.

You wanna know more about Branded URLs? Check… Custom branded links – What are they? & why do you need them?

The image below shows how “Adidas” uses their brand in their short links. The link looks more trustworthy and their brand can be easily recognized in the link, plus it’s easy to know what’s it about, which results in the audience trusting, recognizing, and be aware of your brand, and thus achieving more CTR by using branded links.

Adidas using branded links in their tweets to increase CTR

3. Include Necessary Keywords as Slugs:

You may wonder what is a slug? The slug is the last part of your link after the slash ” / “. For example, this link “, the last part “NXF5g” is the slug. As you notice, it’s neither attractive nor informative, it’s just a random generated letters that do you no favor. So why have that in your links? Your audience will be less likely to click that link.

The solution is easy, use important and informative keywords as a slug, keywords that tell the audience what the link is about, and make them more likely to click on it or remember it (for offline marketing)

As we all know keywords are an important factor considering the SEO and search engine ranking, so also make sure to include them in your links, as a slug, to help raise the keyword count, and to help your SEO.

Let’s get back to the same case with “Adidas”, notice how they are using the word “Info” as a slug to show their audience what the link is about.

Adidas using keywords as slugs for branded links in their tweets to increase CTR

4. Make Your Links Informative and Memorable:

Like we mentioned above, the slug is a very important part of your link don’t let it go to waste by making it random. Instead of that try to make it more informative and descriptive, which means, they should inform your audience and give them an idea of what to expect by clicking on the link.

Also, this goes without saying, you should always live up to your audience expectation. When you promise your audience something, always fulfill it, and don’t use a lot of clickbait because nobody likes those.

You should also make your links more memorable to your audience, in case of offline marketing. Include easy words that they could remember, use capitalization, and abbreviations in your slug. Besides that, you can also use emojis to make your links more beautiful and appealing, which results in improving your CTR.

Customize Your Links with xAmber:

After setting up your custom domain as a default domain on xAmber, you can directly create short links using that domain name, and you can customize them in any way you want.

Just click on “Amber it” to create your link.

Creating branded links on xAmber

After creating your link you can customize it in anyway you want just by clicking on “customize & edit” to customize both the link and the QR code.

Customizing branded links on xAmber

A pop-up will appear which allows you to customize your link paths and include emojis… BE CREATIVE

Styling your links on xAmber

Wrap up

In conclusion, increasing your CTR is very important for your business, so it should be considered as one of your main goals when promoting your content. As we discussed, it can be done in many ways, but one of the effective ways is to improve your links, that is the process of shortening, branding, and making them memorable and informative for your audience so it may help to increase your CTR.

So always remember… you can increase your CTR using Branded Links

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