QR Codes: Everything You need to Know (5 Questions and Answers)

Written by Ali Mebkhouta

10 min read

August 16, 2020

QR codes, you may have seen them while reading a magazine, or on a poster outside, or a commercial, or even on a Starbucks cup. What are they exactly? how do they work? and how can you use them for your business?

What’s a QR Code?

Quick Response or (QR) Code is just a type of barcode only this one is two dimensional. It was first designed in Japan in the year 1994 and it is still used until today.

Using QR codes allows you to store and transmit information or data, be it a picture, a website, or even a phone call. This data is stored and transmitted through those random blocks, which can be scanned and read later by your phone . And as the name QR suggests they have a quick response time once read by your phone they instantly provide the data stored in them to the user.

Here are some of the customize QR codes that we provide here on xAmber. Pretty cool huh? And they’re also easy to share. Way better than the old method of copying and pasting a long link, just scan and you’re good to go

Custom QR codes

How do QR Codes Work?

Just like a barcode, the QR code is square that has many random dots and blocks in it. Inside each one of those blocks, a piece of the data is stored. Those pieces are combined to form the entire data. When you scan the code with your phone that data is then transformed into meaningful information whether it is a picture, a link to a website, or an app… etc. You can use your phone to scan the QR code because nowadays nearly every phone has a code scanner. So you won’t have to download a scanner app to do it.

Scanning a QR code with a phone.

Why Are They Still Relevant in 2020?

As we mentioned above, QR codes have been around since 1994. But you may ask why are people still using them? And why haven’t we developed a better method since then? QR codes actually came ahead of their time, and people have been using them since then because they provide easy and fast access to information. Besides that, QR codes are now compatible with every phone, as the majority of phones have developed a built-in QR code scanner because it became an essential feature.

People nowadays are more dependent on their phones to access the internet, so it became as a habit for them to scan QR codes they see to access to the provided information. For that reason, major companies across the globe are providing offers that the customers can access via QR codes.

Also now, QR codes have become more custom and adapted to the millennial culture. You can use your logo or any related image inside them or as a watermark to help you get more brand awareness. In the image below, you can see some of the custom QR codes with different logos inside.

Custom QR codes made by xAmber

What are The Benefits of QR Codes?

In our current times, speed became very essential when it comes to technology and information. The faster, the better. That’s why QR codes became very important nowadays as they provide fast transmission of data in the easiest way. QR codes can be quite useful when it comes to digital marketing. They can be useful in your offline marketing campaigns (magazines, flyers, posters, vouchers, ads…etc) to provide easy access for your audience to your desired content.

Moreover, you can use them instead of sharing ugly long links online, just link your content to a customized QR code and begin sharing. One of the best uses of those codes is to use them to share phone calls or WhatsApp messages. You wouldn’t want your customers to take the boring longer road of typing or dialing up your number. Instead let them be able to scan the code for faster and easier process.

So it is safe to say that, QR codes can be helpful in any field just like the short links and they are as practical and fast as the short links.

QR codes save time

What are The Best Business Uses of QR codes?

1. Sending Users to Your Website or Social pages:

Use Qr codes to send your users directly to your website or any desired page. This will spare the users the extra effort of remembering your links or navigating through your website or any social media platform to access that desired page.

2. Sending Messages or Phone Calls:

We all have been in a situation when we had to send a WhatsApp message or a phone. I’m sure now that the process of dialing a number then saving it, then sending a message is so disturbing. I had some moments where I just quit the process from the very beginning. Of course, you wouldn’t want your audience to do that too. That’s why you should use QR codes to send messages and phone calls to your number from your audience. The process will become much easier just scan and you will be taken to your call app with the number already written or to a page where you can write the desired message and send it directly.

3. Using QR Codes to Download Apps Easily:

When you have an app that you want your customers to download and use, you better make them do it the easy way. QR codes can be used to link directly to Google Play or App Store where your users can download your app easily with fewer steps. By using this method you will increase the number of downloads o your app and make the process easy and user-friendly.

4. Using QR Codes for Promos and Special Offers:

The use of promos, special offers, and coupons is very helpful when it comes to increasing the number of customers. Consumers love the offers so why not make it easy for them to access those discounts by using the QR codes. QR codes are used for promos across the globe by major companies. We see them everywhere whether it’s on their products or their flyers or ads posters. Those codes are often used as vouchers for special offers or discounts that the user can access just by just scanning them.

How Do You Create a QR Code on xAmber?

Here on xAmber we always focus on the simplicity in every task you wanna make. Just like creating a Branded link? You can create Qr codes with only a few steps. We also provide you with various options to customize and create any QR code you want. And remember, it is as easy as a pie.

To create and customize your QR code just click on “Create” to create an asset you want. here in this example we’ll try creating a simple link and connecting it with a QR code.

Creating assets with xAmber

After creating the asset, click on “Customize & Edit” to start customizing your QR code.

Customizing assets on xAmber
Customizing QR codes with xAmber

After that, a window will appear, which allows you to customize your QR Codes in any way or shape you want. Just BE CREATIVE…

The QR Customizing popup on xAmber

Wrap Up:

To wrap up, we can say that QR codes are a very effective and easy method of transmitting information in different types. They’re also important in the marketing campaign and can help you get more interaction from your customers and help to create a user-friendly experience. So that’s why you should always consider using them.

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